Midnight Choir

by KoLyric

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Midnight Choir: A harmony for all of those lone wolves out there.
First single off of what can be my final solo release. Ever!


verse 1
psithurism guides me through the sea of trees in fuji
even when it's winter you will never see the noose leave
the nooses bring a past truth the desolated have roots
I skinned the tree of life to wear my heart on the loose sleeve(loose leaf)
I am so numb now, I bear the brunt
I wait til the sun's down then I'll be up
afraid of the wolves howl, I am counting sheep
so I can get to sleep, but they prey on insomnia
*it's the midnight choir singing 'round acidic fires
and they're starving, and they're tired of the empty hunt today*
They will harvest in the flesh of any person with a fortune
to show them that importance means nothing to their fangs.
they gnaw on the skin til they sink in your bones
either you bleed out, or see how it goes
The moon shine is brighter when fire arose
life has her thorns, so buy her a rose.
it's the choir
the midnight choir
we stand by her
and sing along
last chorus
a requiem
for the setting sun
it's the death of us
that we have brought
verse 2
I'm digested by the void that doesn't make me feel right
since I am alone, I pat my back with a steel pipe
clip my wings, delay the flight, let me fall to paint the side (walk)
Even while I bleed to death I can say it feels nice
Why am I so sensitive and vulnerable?
I cut my throat to test my skin
and then I bite my tongue and swallowed pride
til my stomachs full.
*then do it all again*
Do it til the blood numbs illusions of bliss
numbing my conscious with a couple toxic doses
trust kills the honest, I lie on this bed of bones
I am nothing but a product of a lot of bullshit
So I try ta hold on tight while the tide engulfs it.
and I try to steady flight, but every time it's flown in
it collides with all my thoughts and overrides impulses
my pulse gives and seizes at the sight that sore eyes
wouldn't even focus on, another song for the slow night
verse 3
the flash in the pan dimmed, the lack of a passion
the past is the past I try to shake this sadness
I can taste the lexapro, my letters formed are callous
this was a lesson told, the methadone to my madness
I guess that I have tasted my own medicine
til I overdose on all the thoughts of the pessimist.
I find beauty in nothing..
I find meaning in the eyes of an ugly duckling
just another cracking of all the goose eggs
genocide of senses to put out the loose ends.
just another tune to react to the redrum
let it serve the senses with a mellowed out suspense
I am learning bad tricks, I feel in control
I keep chipping off the pieces of my stone sense
I've got a burning passion, I feel discomposed
I'm set to burn to ashes in the heat of the moment


released June 23, 2013
Lyrics written and recorded by: KoLyric
Mastered by: Illuminatic
Produced by: Tellingbeatzz





all rights reserved


KoLyric Lombard, Illinois

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