Hearts Are Free On Bloody Saucers featuring Smash Moody

by KoLyric

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Depicts the product of heartbreak and loneliness, through a mellow, soothing piano. The title is supposed to portray the concept of someone, metaphorically, ripping your heart out and, basically, putting it on a silver plate to devour. The first single off of my upcoming EP of the same name.


verse (KoLyric)
You gave me a melody, through pain coated cries
So I couldn't help but sing with the cadavers you defined.
as I staggered up Olympus, your dagger stalled the climb.
And I passed the time by looking at your pictures in their prime
I remember settin' straight, a heaven that awaits
You gave up Christianity since I neglected faith
I never sensed her constant change, It's more than leaving Constantine
I would just give a lot to bring that smile to her face
I was sick with tempers as your lips touched the razor
spitting on my help was just you kissing danger
you were giving poison from the veins I only catered.
You gave nothing but your anger,I'm repulsed by your true nature

As I reflect on your respect
I now see that you're a monster
I fell fool to this sick demon
Heart's Are Free On Bloody Saucers

verse 2 (Smash Moody)
And as I stand on the plains where the angels once played
I recall the day each gave her halo away.
Traded for frayed black lace veils labeled in grey.
The winged beauties who could truly make my cradle a grave.
Daily decay painted over with layers of false intentions
dissension, results of vengeance at the cost of a friendship.
Awkward and endless displays of our pride.
The day that one of us dies is when the fable subsides.
And I don't cater to liars so don't expect me to croak first.
I'll scream these open verses in your face till my throat hurts.
But wait, hold the phone, that ain't the way that the ghosts work.
I've reached the point of closure, an emotional growth spurt.
A noteworthy mention on the subject of love-hate.
Where tastes and mistakes are all lumped onto one plate.
It's all fate, right? Sits in the gods hands.
Well goddamn, let me suck my thumb for my tongue's sake.


released June 18, 2011
Produced by: Sindustry
Lyrics written and performed by: KoLyric and Smash Moody.



all rights reserved


KoLyric Lombard, Illinois

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